What Is Avisare?

Avisare is the centralized network for all businesses to discover new contract opportunities, post their own, and bid on all opportunities using one universal profile.

Business-to-Business Social Network

Small business is the backbone of the economy. When you create a company profile as a small business, you can search for and connect with other small businesses seeking your services for joint ventures, partnerships or contract work. Your company profile will also be seen by large corporations looking to work with small businesses.

Supplier Relationship Management

Buyers and procurement officers at large corporations need the ability to search and discover small businesses that fit your needs quickly and efficiently. With Avisare’s network, small businesses have one central place to keep their info updated. That means the data you see remains current. With SRM, you can easily search for service offerings.


Simple & Easy

You want something simple to understand and easy to use.
With Avisare’s intuitive interface, creating a profile, searching for companies,
hiring consultants, and finding new business opportunities has never been easier!

Avisare Computer Screens

Why Choose Us?

Avisare is committed to creating a B2B ecosystem where everyone from the solopreneur to the 100-person company can grow their business.

The stats are staggering. With 23 million small businesses in the U.S. alone and 60% of all jobs created by small businesses, the health of the economy depends on the ability of this segment to thrive. The Avisare vision is to become the biggest, central online destination for business growth.  We aim to be the go-to destination for businesses to find the resources they need from flexible staff to education on how to grow your business to finding new contracts.

Business made better together.

Interested in joining the network as a consultant?

Through Avisare, we were able to find the right fit in a pinch and get her in the door quickly. This was a much faster solution than we’re used to and we’re very happy with the results.

Time was of the essence - we needed to review a lot of qualified candidates quickly to expedite our evaluation and selection process. The Avisare team provided us with a number of well qualified candidates that allowed us to achieve our objective. We were so pleased, we have used Avisare for three additional deployments.

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