For the Independent Consultant

Avisare is committed to developing a global marketplace that easily allows companies to extend their workforce with the best contract talent. We provide one central network where they can list contract opportunities, one collective database where you can be found, as well as one universal Supplier Profile for you to use to bid on any projects that interest you. Our mission is to see smart, dedicated consultants like you, connect to the right contract and achieve better business outcomes.

Our Perspective:

Transparency: We respect the relationship that is built between our consultants and their clients. We believe in facilitating a transparent dialogue between consultant and client and helping that relationship grow over time.

Brand Value: We value your brand as much as our own. Every consultant should have their own brand and reputation, and we want you to get the recognition and branding you deserve.

Immediacy: We understand the urgent need for organizations to find the right consultants. When companies have an immediate need for executive-level strategy and execution, we want to be the trusted platform to find the right talent quickly.


Examples of Consultant Positions/Job Roles: Marketing Business Development, Social Media IT, Change Management, Organizational Development, Facilitator, Solution Architect, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, etc.

Why Use Avisare?

  • Be found based on your expertise by companies seeking your specific knowledge and capabilities.
  • Discover and apply for consulting gigs on one platform.
  • Create a professional website to promote your consulting services.
  • Find work when you want it; mark your profile as “booked” when you don’t.
  • Join the extended workplace movement and work on your terms.
Interested in joining the network as a consultant?