For the Business that Supports Businesses

You might go by many different names; entrepreneur, supplier, vendor, etc. No matter what you’re called, your livelihood is to provide other buisnesses the products and services they need to survive. With Avisare, we position you in front of businesses searching for your products and services in a fast and efficient manner. You can find and be found for partnerships, joint ventures, contract with sub and prime contractors, bid on RFPs, and more.
With one profile, the Avisare network lets you:

Get hired by other businesses searching for your services

Respond to RFPs from companies large and small

Create your own RFPs to support other small businesses

Get exposure to buyers at large companies looking to work with you


B2B Network Features


Your brand is important and we know it. Showcase your website, and add your company logo to your Avisare profile for easy brand promotion. Showcase awards, key management contacts and more.


When growing your business, networking is key. Find B2B networking events local to you and nationwide for maximum exposure.


Receive all notifications for partnerships, joint ventures and service inquiries in one place. No more wading through a sea of emails to find that key message.


Regain control of your inbox. Keep track of certification renewal dates and RFP submission deadlines in one place.


Don’t just respond to RFPs on Avisare; create your own! When you need business services, post RFPs and review proposals easily with the proposal submission view.


Search for consultants and B2B businesses by category, keyword, location and service offering. Search and discovery done right.

“In a healthy economy, small businesses create 75% of net new jobs. When the economy is recovering from a recession, small firms play an even greater role in job creation, responsible for all new positions.”
Small Business Majority

Why Use Avisare?

The system is…


Companies on Avisare are there to find and be found, so you are reaching a targeted audience of users.


No IT skills needed here. Just sign up and follow our simple steps to create your profile. Search for consultants, search other business services and respond to RFPs.


The Avisare network of consultants and B2B businesses share a common goal - to create a supportive community where we can grow together.