Supplier Relationship Management

With over 23 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, finding the right one capable of handling your needs can be a challenge. Avisare helps procurement managers save time and money by connecting their buyers with the right businesses at the right time. You won’t search by NAICS codes here. Avisare’s quick and easy, central sourcing platform helps you search and discover small businesses right for your business. With Avisare you can:

Search by keywords, business category, location and certification at the same time

Post RFPs and compare proposal submissions for independent consultants and B2B businesses

View shared notes of all businesses your team has ever met with

Promote public business outreach events or selectively invite attendees to special events

Quickly Close the Skills Gap: Hire consultants with specific skills for special projects.

Adapt to Changing Demands: Flexibly adjust to changing demands for skills in a cost-effective manner.

Find the Needle in the Haystack: Keyword searches that produce results allow you to quickly find the talent you need.


“U.S. multicultural buying power is growing at an exponential rate compared to the total U.S., increasing from $661 billion in 1990 to $3.4 trillion in 2014.”



Find Top 1099 Talent

Using 1099 employees is a growing trend that allows you to flexibly adjust to the ever-changing needs in the marketplace. (As of 2010, 40% of the U.S. workforce is classified as contingent workers.) And it’s no longer just about cost savings. (According to an Accenture study, 64% of executives cited the ability to flexibly adjust to changing demands for skills is the #1 reason to use project-based workers vs. cost savings.)

Provide Data on Business Outreach

Avisare keeps track of the companies your buyers contact so you don’t have to. Easily view the status of business outreach and quickly view all activity happening at your company. Partnerships with non-profits that focus on contract readiness means we’re helping businesses better compete for your business.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Every large corporation and certifying body has their own process for businesses to submit info for consideration. There are so many that it can take one full-time resource just to manage it all, which most small businesses can’t afford. With Avisare, there is one central destination for everything: sourcing, mentor-protégé relationships and business partnerships. By using Avisare, you help businesses spend less time trying to get noticed and more time preparing to handle your business.

SRM Features


Harness the power of your procurement and internal teams to keep track of all the businesses that you meet.


Search businesses by keywords, business category, location and certification all at once to quickly get to a list of the right providers. See all relevant information about a business in one view.


Everything is better with data! Quantify “good faith efforts” with hard numbers on search and business outreach.


Need to promote your event or conference? Reach your target business audience all in one place.


Review proposal submissions to make sure you’re getting the best deal from qualified consultants and businesses.


Not every contract is right for everyone. Our proprietary algorithm matches consultants with the right projects.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity advocates sit squarely within the procurement function but in the selling process, the buying decision happens in different places. Avisare is a platform for buyers to find the right businesses they need while prominently featuring diverse, women and veteran-owned status. The Avisare system lets you automatically track outreach effort according to minority status to save time on reporting.

Let’s face it, NAICS codes are confusing, often inaccurate, and rarely used. Avisare relies on the wealth of information available on the company profile to pull keywords. This approach improves search query accuracy and produces better results.